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– further the progress of (something, especially a cause, venture, or aim); support or actively encourage.
“some regulation is still required to promote competition”
Synonyms: encourage, advocate, further, advance, assist, aid, help, contribute to, foster, nurture, develop, boost, stimulate, forward, work for
“an organization promoting justice”

Promote – Using the intricacies and the power of Social Media we craft and build a Campaign that produces movement and motion for you Brand.

We are a believer that Social Media impacts not only the positioning of our Client’s with the Search Engines but in the realm of the Social Media Platforms as well. Working with our Clients and choosing the Social Media Platforms is the first step in any Campaign. Creating relevant content, scheduling, and then optimizing that content for our Client’s becomes the second step in any Campaign. Targeting the right audience that creates followers and paying customers is provided to our Clients from the years of experience that we have.

Many businesses have an interest as to how the various social media platforms will help their business elevate brand name recognition and prominence on the Internet. Every ingredient completed becomes an integrated part of a Clients Campaign that drives traffic; generate leads, and customers. Custumizeme uses a custom approach to Social Media as every Client has different goals.

Social media is now an influential part in many businesses daily lives; however there still is a lot of uncertainty associated with what is social media maintenance. Maintaining your social media platforms necessitates more thought than just posting content, images, or a video once in a while to a social media platform (i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram). To make sure a social media campaign is effective and working properly for your business it must monitored daily, post content that is engaging on a regular basis that will make certain followers keep coming back for more and in due course turn into leads for your business. Custumizeme has the experience and resources to properly maintain our Clients social media campaigns.


– occupy, attract, or involve (someone’s interest or attention).
“he plowed on, trying to outline his plans and engage Sutton’s attention”
synonyms: capture, catch, arrest, grab, snag, draw, attract, gain, win, hold, grip, captivate, engross, absorb, occupy
“tasks that engage children’s interest”
– participate or become involved in.
“organizations engage in a variety of activities”
synonyms: participate in, take part in, join in, become involved in, go in for, partake in/of, share in, play a part/role in;
– have a hand in, be a party to, enter into
“the chance to engage in many social activities”

Engage – Generating interaction between you and individuals searching for your Products or Services, directing them to a final result.

Custumizeme does all of the content research so our clients don’t have to. We spend the time to find content that attracts, is appealing and grabs the attention of your market. Custumizeme also writes compelling content for our Clients. Our Clients also send in content for posting. All content is optimized prior to posting so that the reach of each post is maximized. We reinforce not just the branding of our client’s website through the Internet but also of their business.

Monitoring pages is an essential aspect of social media maintenance to engage with followers who interact with posts. Responding to comments to potential leads as well as maintaining reputation issues in a helpful and sociable manner. This communication with the social media platform and followers shows non-followers that there is someone who is professionally keeping up with the platform. This professionalism shows that the page itself is worth visiting.

The team at Custumizeme is continually researching and learning what technology is new with social media. As with everything on the Internet social media platforms are constantly changing, adding new features, as well as in most parts increasing their user base. Meaning as these changes occur we are competent in adjusting and incorporating these updates into our clients social media campaigns. Integrating content on different social media platforms only enhances your brand.

Text, Images, or Video are all content that can be used successfully on Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, and the many other social media platforms we use to promote our Client’s Brand on the Internet.

You can view our Pinterest or Instagram to see examples of some of the work that we have done for our client’s. Websites, first page placement, social media placement, as well as client’s video placement.

We have been successfully marketing our Clients Online since 2010.

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