Online Piracy, Ad Fraud Cost U.S. Media Firms $8.2B a Year: Report


A new report alleges that infringed content, malware and fake traffic is costing the U.S. advertising and media industry about $8.2 billion each year.

The study, which was completed independently by EY at the request of the Interactive Advertising Bureau, took a look at existing studies, data analytics and 30 top companies to determine the cost of these illegal digital activities. EY focused on U.S., not global costs.

Nick Terlizzi, media and entertainment advisory partner at EY, said on a press call Tuesday that the three categories are more interlinked than the public might realize. A person might go to an infected website to download a movie illegally and unknowingly get malware on their computer. Those illicit programs then use their computer as part of a “zombie army” or “bot farms” to direct the computer to visit websites that the user isn’t really viewing.

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