How to keep hackers out of your router

//How to keep hackers out of your router

How to keep hackers out of your router


There’s a gadget in your home that you would be lost without. You don’t give much thought to it until it stops working. Then you curse it, reboot it, and watch it spring back to life, or not. It’s your lifeline to the Internet — your router.

It is an essential component in our Internet-connected households and businesses. Much like our operating systems, software, and apps are constantly updated to thwart security threats, your router running 24/7 receives its share of updates too.

Unfortunately, router update notifications do not hit you over the head like other things. There is no red exclamation mark notifying you of an issue or message that pops up asking if you’d like to apply an update. By the way, router updates are called firmware because it is embedded into a piece of hardware.

This mini-computer that directs traffic over networks sits vulnerable unless you take action.

Consider what is connected to your network. There is your computer, tablet, phone, and television, for starters. Add to this the surge in Internet-connected gadgets from cameras, light bulbs, refrigerators, to even a Wi-Fi ready slow cooker that comes with an app.

Your family uses the network. Guests who come over do, too. (Speaking of security, not too many people know that you can share your Wi-Fi without giving guests your password.

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