Facebook launches Cyber-Dust ‘disappearing messages’

//Facebook launches Cyber-Dust ‘disappearing messages’

Facebook launches Cyber-Dust ‘disappearing messages’

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Facebook rolled out a new feature which is only available in France at the present time. The disappearing message feature allows users to send ‘self destructing’ messages that disappear after one hour.  Don’t know if this feature will roll out to other Countries but I’m sure it will be. Does it sound similar to Snapchat but a lot like Cyber-Dust.

Users will be able to send the self-destructing messages by tapping a small hourglass icon on the top right of the Messenger screen. Anyone in the conversation can turn the feature on or off within each thread.

Remember Facebook tried to buy Snapchat some years ago; Snapchat said no.

We’ll see how soon it is available here.


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