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It all began years ago…

(that’s in technology years) in 2010, Jack started playing around with video search optimization. YouTube had been around for a few years and low and behold he got his first client to the first page of a major search engine. Wow! It worked.

Since that fateful day Custumizeme has grown to include website design and creation, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, and App development and implementation. Our team of X’s, Y’s, M’s, and even Yuppies brings understanding, know-how, and the abilities to create comprehensive Social Media Campaigns for our Clients.


Great campaigns are created by listening to the client and understanding the rapidly changing environment of social media and how these changes may affect a campaign.


Implementing these reoccurring changes from the various Social Media Platforms into a Client’s Social Media Campaign will only lead to the Client’s desired results of Brand awareness and increased revenue.

We aren’t long on words on our website; we prefer to let our work speak for itself.  Review some of the work that we have done for Client’s by clicking our Instagram or Pinterest accounts. We are kind of old school preferring to speak to you and having an in depth conversation about what your requirements and expectations are for what will be a successful Social Media Campaign for your Business.

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